What Are the Right Places for Installing a Solar Panel?

Homeowners and commercial business owners across Australia use clean-sourced energy – solar to generate free and clean electricity. Tier-one quality and the best solar panels in Melbourne can successfully capture adequate sunlight and convert it into usable energy. However, the installation and placement of your solar systems will determine the performance of PV panels. Therefore, you need to ensure your solar system is installed at the correct placement and position. Most residential and commercial property owners consider solar panel installation in Melbourne on their rooftops or grounds. 

If you are contemplating whether to install a solar system on the rooftop or keep it ground-mounted, continue reading. We have explained everything about the correct place for solar panel installation and highlighted a few key considerations to help you make a thoughtful decision.

2 Right Places for Installing Solar Panels

1. Rooftop

Rooftops are one of the most common locations for installing solar PV panels. Most residential and commercial property owners consider installing solar panels on their rooftops. To leverage the benefit of clean-sourced energy, you need to install solar panels in areas with maximum sunlight. Since rooftops are right at the centre above your house, they ensure complete absorption of sunlight energy throughout the day. 

Solar panels are usually installed facing north in Australia because they provide exceptional energy output. Besides, north-facing solar panels will maximise the amount of sunlight each panel receives all year round. Square rooftops are ideal for solar installation. However, before you install solar panels on your rooftops, be sure there are no large buildings or trees as it may affect the performance and energy production of PV panels.

2. Ground

Ground solar panel installation can be as easy as rooftop solar panels. However, the cost of ground-mounted solar panels may differ from rooftop PV panels, especially on a per-watt basis. When it comes to ground-mounted solar panel installation, adequate and direct sunlight is a must. You would want to install your PV panels facing north and angled towards the sun. One of the limitations of installing a ground-mounted solar panel is adjustment restrictions. Once installed, you may not be able to adjust the direction or angle facing the panels. 

One of the biggest advantages of ground-mounted solar panels is the space availability. Most residential or commercial properties plan to install a solar system to receive abundant electricity. However, due to their smaller roof size, they may not consider going solar. In such cases, ground-mounted solar systems can be a perfect solution. Residential or commercial properties can utilise their lawns for installation and generate optimal energy.

3 Critical Considerations While Installing Solar Panels

1. Inclination and Orientation

Inclination and orientation of solar panels will guarantee optimal energy yield. Therefore, it is essential to consider these two critical factors before installing PV panels. Since the sun follows a particular path throughout the year and changes movement according to the location, you need to consider an appropriate solar panel installation angle. For instance, places located in the Northern hemisphere should have south-facing solar panels. Similarly, places located in the Southern hemisphere – which is Australia – should have north-facing solar panels. 

2. Space Availability

Another critical consideration while installing PV panels is space availability. When installing PV panels on the roof, you have to deal with limited space, which may affect the performance. In such cases, you can opt for ground-mounted solar panel installation. 

3. Shading

Before considering solar panel installation, always look out for shading or obstacles which may affect the performance of PV panels and cause potential damages. Even the best solar installers in Melbourne will recommend you avoid installing solar panels in such shaded areas.

If you plan to install solar for your business in Melbourne, call us on 03 7023 7600 right away!

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